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Give a Heart Fundraiser

Did you know that 20% of the animals that come into our care here at Palm Valley Animal Society are heartworm positive? 


In 2020, PVAS took 21,000 animals into our care. Treatment for these animals costs PVAS approximately $150,000 annually for a preventable and treatable condition. We provide treatment for all animals adopted from PVAS with heartworms. Help us cover this cost by being a part of the PVAS Heartworm Project. Have a heart and donate monthly to save the animals of the RGV. 

Things to Know About Heartworms 

Heartworms in dogs and cats are caused by mosquito bites. When infected, worms grow in the heart and major vessels of the lungs which can obstruct blood flow causing permanent heart damage and breathing difficulties. 

Common signs of heartworms in dogs can be coughing and exertion after mild exercise. Signs of heartworms in cats can appear as asthma and heartworms are less common in cats. 

Treatment can be costly! Heartworms are completely preventable so please invest in year round protection to keep your pets happy and healthy. 

Help us fight this preventable disease. Donate below!

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