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Michael Odem

Development Manager


We are filled with joy this month as we reflect on the incredible generosity that has radiated from hearts like yours. This month, your support has been incredibly transformative for the Palm Valley Animal Society. Your unwavering commitment and contributions have made a remarkable difference, serving as a testament to your dedication to our cause and the well-being of the animals we care for.


Your donations have not only fueled our efforts but have also been pivotal in orchestrating successful events that shine a light on our mission—finding loving homes for animals in need. As a token of our appreciation, we've prepared a quick video recap of our events you helped support this month. Each dollar you've gifted is a building block in the safety we provide, and every shared moment at our events fosters a community united for animal welfare.


To our Lifesavers, your monthly gifts are the steady pulse that keeps our mission alive. From all of us at Palm Valley Animal Society, we extend our deepest thanks to every donor who has joined in this month's symphony of kindness. May we continue this journey together, advancing towards a future where every animal knows the warmth of a loving home.


With heartfelt appreciation,

Thank you Lifesavers

In the community.

Our monthly pet pantry has been a big help, offering free meals to furry friends in need. With our monthly clinics, we've ensured that pets stay healthy without heavy costs. A highlight this month was our partnership with Subaru, leading to a adoption events where folks connected with a life long pet with no fees thanks to Subaru’s generosity. Our Howlin' Harvest Fall Festival at our  Andrews Center was a blast, with creative costumes and laughter filling the air. It's the support and involvement from everyone that makes these moments possible and our community so special.

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