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PVAS’ Community Cat Program supports a trap-spay/neuter-return program for the purpose of reducing community cat populations and feline shelter intake. This program serves Edinburg, McAllen, Hidalgo City, Palmview, Palmhurst, La Joya, and addresses in Hidalgo County that are outside of Pharr and Mission city limits.

Unfortunately, PVAS does not currently have a full-time vet on staff. When we hire a vet, we'll be able to get get back to CCP!

Contact the PVAS CCP Team by phone/text at (956) 249-0117 or by email at

Make sure you aren't kit-napping!


Kittens need their mom, if you find kittens, don't touch them! Kittens survive much better outside waiting for their mother, who is probably hunting nearby, than in a shelter - any shelter. You might think you're helping by picking them up, but you may be ‘kitnapping’ them. Leave them be and reach out to our Community Cat Program if you have questions.

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