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Many thanks to Austin Pets Alive!, who created the original documents that many of these resources were adapted from.

Meet the Team!

Our Foster Team is comprised of unique and expertly skilled individuals who are here to not only save lives, but make sure you have a seamless fostering experience. Check out who's who!


Fundamental Foster Resources

Dog Foster Handbook
Foster Bite Protocol
Foster Flash Classes
(short videos for fosters)
Overnight & Field Trip Handbook
FAQs for Rescue Placements

Coming Soon!

Foster Resources
from Best Friends Animal Society
Canine Body Language
Dog Foster FAQs
Foster Q & A Videos
from Austin Pets Alive!
Dog Foster Dos and Don'ts 
Levels of Emergency
Fundamental Foster Resources
Medical Support

Medical Support

Demodectic Mange in Dogs 
Heartworm Handout
Sarcoptic Mange Handout
Distemper Agreement
Parvo Watch Agreement
Distemper Handout
Quality of Life Scale
Fecal Scoring Chart
Ringworm Handout

Behavior Support

Bringing Home a New Dog
Curbing Backyard Nuisance Behavior
House Training Adult Dogs
Jumping Up- Adult Dogs
Tie-Down Exercises
Canine Behavior
(1 hr. video)
Destructive Chewing
Introduction to Cats
Mouthing- Adult Dogs
Canine Enrichment
Dog-to-Dog Introductions
Introduction to Defensive Behavior
Nothing in Life is Free
Videos by APA!'s Behavior Team
Crate Training
Fearful Dog Behavior Handout
Introduction to Resource Guarding
Separation Anxiety
Behavior Support

Pregnant Mamas and Puppies

Fading Puppy Protocol
Raising Puppies WITH a Mom
Puppy Basics
Raising Puppies WITHOUT a Mom
Puppy Bottle Feeding and Stomach Capacity Chart
What to Expect When You're Expecting (Foster Puppies)
Puppy Weight and Food Tracking
What to Expect When Your Pregnant Foster Dog is Expecting
Pregnant Mamas and Puppies
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