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Adopt Willow!

Coming to us in early July after what looks like a run-in with a car, Willow needed an amputation.

After surgery, Willow spent the first several days in our care hanging out in our Executive Director's office where she quickly became a staff favorite. Even though she was suffering from a broken leg she was always full of kisses and loved the attention. After surgery to remove her leg she went back to her office and was very happy to continue getting love and attention from everyone who stopped by.

Now that she is healing she has spent time in playgroups with other dogs and is making friends. Willow is zooming around having a great time. We hear she gets along well with kids too. Willow is not only beautiful but also has a loving nature. It is important to her that she gets a lot of attention though so someone who has the time to spend time with her is important. Please give this girl a great home with lots of love and attention.

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