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The Power of Partnership

We may not have a spare inch of space in our shelter, but our hearts are still beating to the lifesaving drum because we have amazing rescue partners!

Benito came into our shelter paralyzed and in lots of pain. We knew that we did not have the capacity to care for him, so we reached out to our rescue partners.

Within hours, Hound Haven of Lone Pine in Pennsylvania reached out and offered to help this guy. By the end of the day, volunteers had picked him up and took him immediately to the vet.

His prognosis for recovery is not high, but we knew that he still had life to live, and we're glad that another rescue partner saw the same thing in Benito.

Part of the important work we do is triage, assessing the most emergent needs of animals and reaching out to a vast network of shelters and rescues who then step in to take on cases just like Benito. It truly takes a village of people and resources to save lives, and we're happy to have so many partners to help us make this happen.

Benito, you were just with us for a few hours, but you stole our hearts buddy. Wishing you the best of luck on finding your forever in Pennsylvania!

Do you work with a rescue that is interested in partnering with us to save lives? Reach out to us at



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