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Pets of the Week June 27 - July 4

Meet Itaso and Bev


Meet one-year-old shepherd mix Itaso! He can be a bit shy at first, but once he’s comfortable he loves to chase balls and run around the yard. When he first came to PVAS, he was a timid dog who didn’t trust people easily. We know that the shelter can be an overwhelming place for even the most social dogs though, so we gave him some time. At first, he was skittish and occasionally snapped when you would try to leash him. With work in playgroups and a little time, those days are over now for Itaso. Playgroups have greatly benefited him and he is quite the social butterfly now!

Two-year-old domestic shorthair Bev was surrendered by her owner along with 4 of her kittens and another adult female cat...the owner just had too many cats! Even though her previous owner gave her up, Bev is not letting that get her down because she is a

sweetheart with all the love to give. Bev loves attention from humans and she will sit on your lap waiting for the petting to start, making it hard for you to get back up. Stop by our Andrews Center to meet this cutie today!

Not ready to adopt? Consider opening your home as a foster caregiver instead! As a foster caregiver, you’ll be providing joy and enrichment for an animal in need, while freeing up space in our facilities for the many other animals that reach our shelter on a daily basis. Take an old, senior hound out for a relaxing weekend, or bring an energetic yearling home for a playful afternoon visit with your family; as a registered foster, you decide how long you’d like to spend with our animals! Foster kits and online resources are provided for those wanting to nurture and bottle feed our kittens as well as Mom and pup litters that just need a quiet place to de-stress. Register online at and start saving lives today!

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